we give

financial and emotional assistance to those in need, in order to promote hope and healing


we are a non-profit

501(c)(3) organization based in Seattle Washington, founded to assist glassybaby in its goal to promote hope and healing. 10% of the purchase price of every glassybaby product is donated to glassybaby white light fund.

our priorities

Healing Activities

glassybaby white light healing activities are critical to our mission. we focus on making individuals healthy once again through their interactions with the environment, animals, and other humans.

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uncompensated care

providing services and care outside of regular treatment programs that are critical to healing and wellness


providing access to healing for individuals who have served their country

patient care/nursing

ensuring individuals who are ill have access to comprehensive care


protecting and renewing mother nature and her elements in order to ensure all inhabitants can thrive

Animal Protection

nurturing the lives and well-being of animals, our healing companions

Domestic Violence

providing resources to heal individuals and families who have been victims of domestic violence


Some individuals live without basic necessities. glassybaby white light fund works to fill these wellness gaps in order to make these lives a little easier.

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Providing shelter, nutrition, and other basic resources needed to live a healthy life.


Fostering educational and athletic opportunities that promote healthy lives for individuals of all abilities


glassybaby white light fund understands the importance of supporting the work behind the healing scenes.

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medical innovation

providing resources to discover cures and treatments