july 2020 winners

First Place:

Wild Salmon Center - Portland, OR


Wild Salmon Center (WSC) works to conserve the most productive and intact wild salmon ecosystems around the Pacific Rim—from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska to the Russian Far East. As a “keystone species” wild salmon support an expansive and diverse web of life, ranging from brown bears to orcas to eagles, and they are central to cultures and communities across the North Pacific. Where wild salmon runs are healthy, whole watersheds - and everything in them - flourish.

These funds will support WSC’s efforts to safeguard the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska, one of the most important salmon fisheries on Earth. Up to 60 million wild salmon return to Bristol Bay each year, supporting 14,000 jobs, a $1.5 billion fishing industry, and Alaskan communities that have relied on salmon for generations. However, the Bristol Bay fishery is currently threatened by the proposed Pebble Mine, a project planned at its headwaters that could put this extraordinary ecosystem at risk. Learn more at: https://www.wildsalmoncenter.org/campaigns/bristol-bay/

Second Place:

Literacy for Environmental Justice - San Francisco, CA


Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) is an environmental education and youth empowerment organization created specifically to address the ecological and health concerns of Bayview, Hunters Point and the surrounding communities of southeast San Francisco. LEJ is committed to  creating urban greening, eco-literacy, community stewardship and workforce development opportunities that directly engage and support local residents in securing a healthier future. The glassybaby baby grant will help support the Eco-Apprentice Program. This is a multi-track paid internship for young adults ages 18-25, in Bayview Hunters Point. The Eco-Apprentices are mentored to hone their career interests, develop professional skills, and seek future employment and academic objectives. Eco-Apprentices learn highly specialized skills that can immediately translate to work and careers in ecological restoration and community-based organizations.

Third Place:

The Arboretum Foundation - Seattle, WA


The Arboretum Foundation raises vital funds to protect and enhance Washington Park Arboretum, a 230-acre urban oasis of woodlands, wetlands, gardens, and walking trails in the heart of Seattle. The Arboretum has long been a place of respite and recreation for the region; during the COVID crisis, it has also become a tremendous source of solace. Here, students, volunteers, and visitors can engage deeply with nature and learn about the importance of protecting their natural resources—and about how biodiversity contributes to a healthier, climate-resilient planet. The Arboretum Foundation will use its glassybaby baby grant to help fund the Arboretum’s horticulture, environmental education, and volunteer programs, which provide a vital connection between our community and the natural world.

January 2020

Lines for Life - Portland, OR

Global Surgical Outreach - Seattle, WA

Mindful Littles - Orinda, CA


December 2019

Beads of Courage - Tucson, AZ

Courthouse Dogs Foundation - Bellevue, WA

ArtForce Iowa, Des Moines, IA


November 2019

BIG Love Cancer Care - Austin, TX

STARworks - Star, NC

Global Community Institute/ Explorations Academy - Bellingham, WA


October 2019

Cancer Navigators - Rome, GA

4 Paws For Ability - Xenia, OH

Blanchet House - Portland, OR

September 2019

The Trail Youth Coffee Home - North Bend, WA

Michael Hayes Scholarship Fund at Miami University - Oxford, OH

Young Survival Coalition (YSC) - New York, NY

August 2019

Little People of America Puget Sound - Woodinville, WA

Austen Everett Foundation - Seattle, WA

Everyone for Veterans - Issaquah, WA

July 2019

The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic - Oakland, CA

Rose Haven - Portland, OR

Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals - Raymond, WA

June 2019

HallieStrong Foundation - Downers Grove, IL

The SeaChange Agency - Marina Del Rey, CA

Loving Angels Service Dogs - St. George, UT


May 2019
Courageous Parents Network - Newton, MA
Center for Chronic Illness - Seattle, WA
Hilltop Artist - Pierce County, WA


April 2019
San Mateo County Blue Star Moms - San Carlos, CA
Northwest Straits Foundation - Seattle, WA
Fred Finch Youth Center - Oakland, CA


March 2019
CERF+ - Montpelier, VT
Athletes for Kids - Sammamish, WA
Dylan Shaffer Memorial Fund/ LPCH Stanford Rare Sarcoma Project - Palo Alto, CA


February 2019
Birthday Dreams - Renton, WA
Down Syndrome Network of Oregon - Lake Oswego, OR
Second City Canine Rescue - Roselle, IL


January 2019
Global Surgical Outreach - Seattle, WA
Orphan Kitten Club - Spring Valley, CA
The Paly Fiery Arts - Palo Alto, CA


December 2018
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - Denver, CO
Morrissey Compton Education Center - Redwood City, CA
The Colon Club - Pittsburgh, PA


November 2018
BUILD - Berkeley, CA
Dravet Syndrome Foundation - Cherry Hill, NJ
The BIG FIX Uganda - Olympia, WA


October 2018
Medic One Foundation - Seattle, WA
Rescue4All - Spokane, WA
Worldwide Orphans - Maplewood, NJ


September 2018
Family Reach Boston, MA
STAR Education Foundation St Croix Falls, WI
White River Valley Museum & Auburn, WA
Mary Olson Farm


August 2018
Heartlinks Hospice & Palliative Care - Sunnyside, WA
Colors of Connection - Athens, GA
Berkeley Humane Society - Berkeley, CA


July 2018
Dog Gone Seattle - Seattle, WA
Free2Luv - Seattle, WA
Angelman Syndrome Foundation - Aurora, IL


June 2018
Cancer Kiss My Cooley - Huntley, IL
Dec My Room - Houston, TX
Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation - Brea, CA


May 2018
BAYS - San Francisco, CA
Highline Medical Center - Seattle, WA
Red Nose Day - New York, NY


April 2018
Cross Out Cancer - Safety Harbor, FL
Angels for Hearts - Sacramento, CA
Sweet Tea Cancer - Connections Renton, WA

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