Baby Grants for Mother Earth

We're starting something new - themes for non-profit nominations for our monthly baby grants!


For the month of July, our theme is hope and healing for the planet, because Mother Earth needs our help too.


Nominate a non-profit by tagging us and using the hashtag #glassybabybabygrant, or emailing You could be the reason an organization gets up to $5,000 in funding this month!


Entries must be in by July 31st. We're looking forward to hearing from our community and learning more about organizations that provide hope and healing for the planet!

Speaking of baby grants... Meet our June winners!

Bringing hope and healing to address racial injustice 

Thank you to everyone who submitted non-profit suggestions. And thank you glassybaby community and partners, old and new, for providing hope, healing, support, education, and your crucial voices. We are grateful for the work you do!   We’re proud to announce the $50,000 in allotted grant money has been awarded to the following organizations.

Harlem Mothers SAVE (Stop Another Violent End)

New York,  NY

The organization is committed to educating families and the community about children’s access to guns, promoting ways to reduce gun violence and death, providing programs to support youth and our future community leaders and to working with partners in seeking legislation for sensible gun laws. The glassybaby White Light Fund has partnered with Harlem Mothers SAVE since 2016. This grant will support their modified Summer Youth program.

Fighting COVID-19 with our partners

Angel Flight West

The coronavirus crisis continues to evolve and Angel Flight West is proactively adapting as we receive new information. While volunteer-flown flights have been temporarily suspended, whenever possible they're offering our passengers alternative transportation with reimbursement.  Their volunteer pilots will continue to donate flights to deliver personal protective equipment and other supplies to healthcare providers on the front lines, as well as blood, tissue, organs, and cargo.  AFW is also arranging commercial flights, donated by Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines, for medical personnel relocating to serve on the front-lines in areas hit the hardest by the pandemic.

Partner highlight - Elephants and Bees Project

Regular hand washing with soap and water play an important role in the fight against COVID-19. With the onset of the dry season in Sagalla, much-needed water for handwashing has become scarce. The Save the Elephants and the Elephants and Bees Project have supported the Sagalla community with installing 5 handwashing stations, to help the community prevent the spread of coronavirus. With a grant from the glassybaby's White Light Fund, The Elephants and Bees Project has been able to bring safe santizing stations to their community. Thank you for your work!

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