April baby grants announced!

Meet our newest baby grant winners, who are providing hope and healing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From our partners

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals

UCSF Benioff is providing continued care while meeting the new urgent needs. A recent grant made by the glassybaby White Light Fund was directed toward ensuring frontline staff at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals are keeping themselves and the patients safe, while they meet these demands. These funds help: expand diagnostic and testing capacity, secure technology to expand telehealth capacity , support families and exposed patients who are not covered by insurance and ensure necessary housing for patients and equipment for health care workers. Thank UCSF Benioff Hospital front line and staff. We are so grateful.


Partners making a difference

Northwest Harvest


We are proud to continue to support Northwest Harvest, a partner since 2013. In coordination with other hunger relief organizations, they are using more mobile units to deliver ready-to-eat meals, shelf stable food boxes and emergency food boxes to communities throughout Washington. To adhere to current COVID-19 restrictions and needs, they have converted the SODO Community Market into a grocery bag pick up facility, allowing people to receive food from a safe distance in cars.  Northwest Harvest also serves as an essential community resource, providing information for those in need of food and those wanting to help. Thank you Northwest Harvest for you commitment, hope and healing as the demand and need for food continues to grow.  


El Centro de la Raza Food Bank

The pandemic has exacerbated hunger and food insecurity and as a result is impacting so many more people, everywhere. The El Centro de la Raza Food Bank, located in Seattle continues to provide nutritious, emergency and supplemental food to low-income individuals and families three days a week. In addition to food and commodities, the Food Bank also assists people in securing food stamp, locating other non-emergency food resources and providing nutrition education. El Centro de la Raza Food Bank, The Center for People of All Races, is open to all. We are proud to support the El Centro de la Raza Food Bank and the essential work they do. Thank you!

Responding to current needs

During these unprecedented times, the glassybaby White Light Fund is especially grateful to all of the people and the non-profit partners on the front lines, taking care of each other and our communities.

University of Washington Medicine

We have provided a grant to support the nurse and staff wellness at University of Washington Medicine, while they respond to the current COVID-19 crisis. The UW Medicine team is on the forefront, working overtime to address and respond to this situation. Thank you to UW Medicine and to your amazing nurse and staff heroes.

More information regarding UW response to COVID-19 can be found here: https://www.acceleratemed.org/stories/rapid-response-to-covid-19/

Rainier Valley Food Bank

With school closures and new challenges due to the coronavirus, Rainier Valley Food Bank is steadfast in their committed to providing food, for those who need it. We have provided an additional grant to RVFB for the weekend hunger backpack program. This program ensures food is provided for students and their families over the weekends, even during the school closures. Thank you to the staff and volunteers at RVFB for providing nourishment, hope and healing.

More information regarding RVFB’s response and ways to find or provide help can be found here:


From our partners

Tsavo Trust is an action oriented, field-based conservation non-profit committed to protecting the wildlife and biodiversity in Kenya’s Tsavo Conservation Area.

As one of our long-term partners, we've recently stepped in with emergency finding for their organization in a time of need. 

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