august 2019

august glassybaby baby grants are posted! 

It is a pleasure each month to learn about the generous, clever and kind people and non-profits, working hard to provide hope and healing in our communities. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time and care to nominate a non-profit for one of the monthly baby grants.  


There are always more deserving non-profits than we have baby grants but we do allow and encourage nominators to resubmit, if not selected the first try. Instructions are listed under the impact tab above.  


Don’t forget to send us a screenshot of the nomination, via email. And please reach out if you have questions!

Congratulations to the August glassybaby baby grant winners! Visit the baby grant tab to learn more about these non-profits.

We hope to see your baby grant nomination soon!

july 2019

After several years serving on the White Light Fund board, and many more years of lighting, loving and admiring glassybaby votives, I am thrilled to become the new Executive Director at the glassybaby White Light Fund. It is an honor to support the mission glassybaby was built upon – namely, to give to and empower organizations that promote hope and healing.


As you may know, glassybaby White Light Fund was established in 2015 as the charitable organization through which glassybaby gives. Part of every sale at glassybaby goes to the White Light Fund, so every person making a purchase gives to and through the glassybaby White Light Fund.  Thank you to everyone who supports us, and helps us in turn support non-profits.


Please visit the website often and watch for:


New baby grants announced every month

Nominate a non-profit you appreciate to win a glassybaby baby grant

Check out the winners on baby grant page


Events benefiting glassybaby white light fund and partners

Details listed on the contact page


Stories from non-profits

We will be updating stories in the coming weeks on the partner’s page, sharing insight into the amazing work being done to provide hope and healing


We look forward to hearing from you and to glowing for good together!



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