Food for Life

The glassybaby White Light Fund has proudly partnered with Food For Life since 2016. This program provides nutritional support for people in treatment at UCSF’s Ida Friend Infusion Center, Breast Care Center and Mission Bay Infusion Center.


The founder, Stephanie Stavrianoudakis, was a nurse in the infusion center before she began her own journey with cancer. As a nurse and patient, Stephanie recognized the importance of food in the healing process and noticed the need for healthy snacks and nutrition information for patients and their families during treatment. With Stephanie’s commitment and drive, Food for Life was born. It now provides a nutrient dense snack menu for patients and families in the infusion centers in addition to supplying educational materials and cookbooks for support in healing and healthy food choices.

MD Anderson Cancer Care

The glassybaby White Light Fund is pleased to support MD Anderson Cancer Care in Houston, Texas. The grant, awarded in the summer of 2019, will go toward their Patient Assistance Fund, described below.

Administered by MD Anderson’s Social Work department, patient assistance funds help qualified, financially challenged patients, and parents of pediatric patients, pay for nonmedical expenses associated with cancer care.

Expenses, such as transportation and lodging, can rapidly increase, especially for patients who travel long distances. And they can cause financial distress for patients undergoing treatment or follow-up care for extended periods, often weeks at a time.

Patient assistance funds have become a lifeline for many, covering a variety of needs, including airfare or bus fare to and from Houston for out-of-town or out-of-state patients, housing for the patient in Houston, meals while the patient is in Houston, transportation to and from the clinic and doctor appointments for out-of-town patients, parking expenses and occasional expenses related to car repair, rent or utilities.

Northwest Straits Foundation

The Northwest Straits Foundation came to our attention when they were nominated for a glassybaby baby grant, in the spring of 2019. This nomination led to more conversations and an additional grant to support their collaborative efforts in nearshore habitat restoration and derelict gear removal.  

As described by the baby grant nominator: The Northwest Straits Foundation works in collaboration with local communities and marine resource committees, fueled by volunteers. They map and remove derelict fish gear that entangles and kills marine mammal, monitor toxins in mussels, which are eaten by people and marine mammals, and restore beaches to provide habitat for salmon which Orca depend upon. Over 870 acres of marine habitat has been restored, 5,800 derelict fishing nets removed to date and 4,701 volunteer hours counted.’

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