we are

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in seattle, washington.  every glassybaby gives through the white light fund. 

how we began

glassybaby began when the light
of a candle in hand-blown glass
gave hope to lee rhodes. 
this hope helped her heal
from cancer three times
and inspired a business
devoted to giving
hope, beauty, kindness, 
and millions of dollars
to help people heal.

giving was the founding motive for glassybaby. it is the cornerstone of the business plan.

the glassybaby white light fund was created in 2015 when glassybaby began donating more than 1 million dollars per year. the glassybaby white light fund ensures that glassybaby giving continues to go to causes consistent with our mission as we continue to expand.

so far, we have given away over $8 million, thanks to the glassybaby community who loves to give kindness.

our name

when lee felt her worst as she battled cancer, she had three active and curious toddlers.

moments she needed the bustle of children to calm, she would say, "white light, kids...white light." in this moment, her three children would immediately know what to do: close their eyes; palms up; visualize white light.  connecting to the white light is a meditative practice of slowing down and restoring comfort. it was a deep practice that was simple enough for a child who was still learning how to tie her shoe.